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MULTITEL MZ250 (25.1M)

The MultiTel MZ250 truck-mounted boom has a unique “Up and Over” geometry that provides good high-level outreach. It’s ideal for multi-site work and can be set up and ready to use in minutes, making it an ideal solution for multi-site jobs. The MZ250’s compact chassis and low centre of gravity make it simple to drive. We can supply a fully trained operator with the relevant qualifications/license and experience, allowing you to focus on completing your own specialist work safely and efficiently.


The Ruthmann Steiger T330 truck mount is one of the most innovative truck mounted access platforms available, with a reach height of up to 33 metres. With a horizontal reach of 21.2 metres, it provides maximum stability and usability. The 320kg basket capacity can hold up to three people and their tools.

We can provide a fully trained operator with the necessary qualifications/licences and experience, allowing you to focus on completing your own specialised work in a safe and efficient manner.

SKYJACK SJ6826 RT (9.9M)

The Skyjack SJ6826 RT is a rough terrain diesel scissor lift that is ideal for use outdoors on a variety of construction, installation, and maintenance tasks such as window installation and maintenance, roofing, cladding, decorating and much more.

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