Cherry Picker Hire 4 U will continue to operate all kinds of aerial platform hire services 

We know that our plant hire servies services are essential to many customers and businesses in the UK, and we are aware that to put our services on hold would be to withhold a lot of work that urgently needs to be completed.  

Many of our services are catering for essential businesses and sites, including NHS sites, supermarkets, care homes, schools and more; we know that this kind of work cannot be put on pause, even during these unprecedented and confusing times.  The government have advised that roofing services should not be put on hold and remain essential in many cases.

It has been stated by the government since the beginning of this pandemic that those in construction should not halt their services but should continue to help in any way they can, providing infrastructure that keeps society going.  There were then several motions put forward to take measures to sustain industry throughout the pandemic, which has allowed business as usual to go forward as much as possible.

Regardless of the times that we are living through currently, nothing is more important to us here at Leak Proof than putting the safety of our customers and the quality of our work at the forefront.  That is why we always adhere to the relevant procedures and standards that are required of us, and will halt work if we are not able to comply.

We know that nothing during these times is guaranteed, so we have been keeping the situation under careful and frequent review since the beginning of the pandemic, ensuring we are adaptable to change and can react fast when necessary.

Here are some of the key ways in which we have adapted our service for maximum safety during this time: